Brazilian Buttock Lift Service (BBL)

What is Brazilian Buttock Surgery (BBL)? How is it done? Buttock Surgery Prices and Techniques Used. All the details to be considered before and after the surgery are on our site..

It is now quite easy to have an aesthetic and fuller butt. We are at your service in Turkey with our Brazilian butt aesthetic service and our specialist doctors.

Brazilian Butt, which got its name from the big and smooth butts of women in Brazil, is the reason for all women to have smooth and big butts, due to the popularity of plastic surgeries in the country and the presence of famous plastic surgeons, butt augmentation surgeries in the region. The shape of the butt with upturned and rounded lines is called.

In Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics, the procedures are started by removing the fat that distorts the shape of the butt and sagging downwards. With the cell cocktails that emerge when the stem cells are separated in some parts of the fat and mixed with the remaining oils, the upper part of the butt is shaped and the butt becomes lifted. Among our aesthetic surgeries, liposuction and pipofiling techniques are applied in Brazilian buttock aesthetics.

Who wouldn´t want to have a straight and proportional butt? Butt is essential for a beautiful body. You can apply to our doctor so that small or large hips can become much smoother and proportional to the body.

As we mentioned above, in the first stage, using the liposuction method, the fats in the excess areas are taken and after the stem cells of the fat are processed, the fats are injected into the areas needed for the Brazilian butt. In general, it is an application that can take 3-4 hours on average. In Brazilian butt aesthetics, which is performed under general anesthesia, your ideal dimensions are determined in line with the preferences of our patients and doctors. Considering the demands, the appropriate Brazilian butt aesthetics can be started.

Recently, we have performed successful Brazilian buttock aesthetic surgeries on many of our patients in order to ensure body integrity. During the application of Brazilian buttock plastic surgery, there are small invisible incisions made by liposuction cannulas. These incisions are closed with 1 or 2 stitches after the procedure is completed, and there are incisions that fade and disappear over time. It can be applied to all women over the age of 18.

In the liposuction procedures applied in Brazilian buttock aesthetics, if the person´s fat accumulation is not sufficient, silicone implants are placed on the hip.

In some studies conducted at Oxford University in recent years, it has been observed that people with plump butt lines called Brazilian butt and a thin waist are more resistant to diabetes, heart and chronic diseases.

You can reach us immediately through our numbers on our website and you can have the most beautiful butt aesthetic surgeries done by the doctors.

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