Breast Augmentation

The breast, which is one of the visual complementary elements of femininity, can sometimes cause a person to not like himself enough with its small appearance. Inadequate growth during adolescence, loss of breast volume and shrinkage after breastfeeding, sagging and shrinkage of the breast due to weight gain are the most common causes of small breasts. In these cases, the healthiest way to enlarge the breast is breast augmentation with a silicone prosthesis. With the right choice of silicone prosthesis and the right technique, you can achieve natural-looking breasts.

Which silicone prosthesis should we choose?

Silicone breast prostheses are divided into two as round and anatomical according to their shape. While round prostheses are mostly used to create clarity in the décolleté area, anatomical prostheses are more suitable for a natural look. The silicone prosthesis to be used must have FDA or CE Certificate. The softness of the silicone prosthesis produced by each company is different from each other. Different prosthesis brands can be used to obtain a natural appearance according to the patient´s breast tissue and skin structure.

The shape, size and surface of the silicone prosthesis to be used vary from person to person. The person´s rib cage structure, age, amount of existing breast tissue, skin structure and desired breast size are also important factors in the silicone prosthesis to be preferred. A -shaped silicone prosthesis can often be preferred to create a natural breast in young women and women with little breast tissue and no loose skin. If a larger, rounded breast with a clearer decollete area is desired, then a round silicone prosthesis can be used. Which silicone prosthesis to use and which size is decided after the examination and in line with the patient´s expectation.

In which incision is the prosthesis placed?

Silicone prosthesis can be placed through different incisions. Each incision has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When a silicone prosthesis is placed in the incision made from the nipple, the seam is not visible because it remains on the dark border of the breast. However, the risk of capsule reaction and infection is higher in silicone prostheses placed through the nipple incision compared to other techniques.

An incision of approximately 5 cm is made in the placement made from the lower fold of the breast. Since the suture line remains in the breast fold area, it cannot be seen from the opposite view. The advantage of the incision made under the armpit is that no incision is made in any part of the breast, but there is a risk of long-lasting pain and hypertrophic scar development on the incision line due to trauma in the submammary muscle structure during insertion.

Should the breast prosthesis be placed under the muscle or over the muscle?

The risk of capsule reaction and infection in silicone prostheses placed under the muscle is lower than those placed on the muscle. In addition, since the musculature is on the silicone prosthesis, the prosthesis is less felt by touch and will provide a more natural appearance. The disadvantage is that pain may occur due to stretching of the muscle in the first days. Pain is almost non-existent in prosthesis surgeries placed on the muscle, but the prosthesis itself and its edges can be felt by touch.
Placing the prosthesis under the muscle is ideal for creating a natural breast in people with very little breast tissue and tense skin.

Which prosthesis, which size?

Factors that determine the shape and size of the prosthesis to be used;
rib cage shape
Skin texture (loose or tight skin)
amount of breast tissue
Breast sagging level
The shape desired by the patient (natural looking breast? Round big breast?)

All these factors are evaluated during the examination, and a prosthesis is preferred in line with the patient´s request.

When will the breast shape be determined?

In the first days after the operation, the décolleté area may seem exaggerated, as the prosthesis is higher than normal. In the following days, with the relaxation of the muscle structure and softening of the skin, the prosthesis will slowly descend and form. In about 1 month, the general shape of the breast will begin to show itself.
What to do with asymmetrical breasts?

There is always a certain difference in size and sagging between the breasts. In this case, a symmetrical appearance is tried to be achieved by using prostheses of different sizes or shapes.

Surgery and Hospital

Breast augmentation surgery takes an average of 1 hour. Some patients may have drainage tubes from both sides of the breast. These are used for leaks and light bleeding in the breast. At the end of the surgery, a recovery medical bra is put on. The drains are removed approximately three days after the operation. You will be discharged the next day after an overnight hospital stay. Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed for precautionary purposes and you are called for a control examination on the third day.

Healing Process and Pain

You can return to work approximately one week and ten days after the operation. During this period, you will need to continue dressing as shown to you. You must use the medical tightening bra for one month.

As in any surgery, the feeling of pain is different from the person.

job may change. However, breast augmentation surgery (except submuscular placement) is not a very painful operation. On the first day after the surgery, you may have a tightness in the breasts and some pain at the points where the resistances come out. In the following days, the pain will decrease rapidly.
Will there be seam marks?

In the early stages of the surgery, a certain redness appears on the suture line, and this redness will gradually decrease in the following periods. It takes 6-12 months for complete wound healing. Since each person´s wound healing is unique, the amount of scars will differ. While the suture line heals and disappears almost completely in people with good wound healing, sometimes white line or dark healing can be observed. The amount of stitches that will remain varies according to the age of the person, skin color, presence of accompanying diseases, smoking and alcohol use, and the breast reduction technique applied.

Conditions to be considered after surgery

After the surgery, your dressings should be done as shown to you, and you should use your prescribed medications regularly. During the first two weeks, you should not do heavy sports, do not raise your arms higher than shoulder level, and sleep on your back as much as possible.

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