Leg Aesthetics with Liposuction

You can get answers to all your questions from our plastic surgery specialists by contacting our clinic for your Liposuction Leg Fat Removal requests and operation details.

If you want to learn about our prices for leg fat removal, you can call us right away. Being overweight, having permanent fat deposits, physical problems, inactivity, etc. Many people have fat accumulation in the leg area. These situations can push people to become bad both psychologically and physically. Due to the fat accumulated in the leg area, their mobility is also limited. In cases where the fat accumulated in the legs is not removed, some deformations occur in the muscle and skeletal structures of the people.

Thanks to leg liposuction surgeries, the fat accumulated in the leg of the person is removed and destroyed in a short time. You can contact us for permanent surgery in order to achieve a healthy appearance in the legs. A permanent and beautiful leg is no longer a dream, your leg areas, especially the hip areas, make women look stylish, beautiful and aesthetic. Our specialist doctors, who serve our clinic, can destroy the fat accumulated in your leg area and give you a more beautiful appearance.

How is Liposuction Leg Fat Removal Surgery Performed?

First of all, as in every surgical procedure, you should definitely choose specialist doctors in these procedures. If you wish, you can get all the information about the subject and the operation to be performed from our doctors serving in our clinic by calling and learn what needs to be done before and after the operation.

In the liposuction method to be applied in the liposuction process to be applied in the leg fat removal procedures, if it is necessary to give an average time according to the amount of fat planned to be removed, there is a process time between 1.5 hours and 4 hours. After this surgery, you can get rid of your fat immediately. In the preliminary examination to be made before the leg fat removal procedure and surgery, the areas with fat are marked. It will be easier for our doctor to know the areas to be treated during the operation and will focus directly on the relevant areas.

Liposuction method is used with the opening of the incisions on these markings and unnecessary and excess fat is removed from the body with this method. If the amount of fat in the area to be treated is low, the fat is broken down into pieces by using laser beams without the need for this method. These oils, which we cut into small pieces, are thrown out by vacuum method.

Leg fat removal operations are performed under general anesthesia. The patient is likely to be discharged on the same day. This is valid in cases where the amount of oil to be taken is low. If high amounts of fat are to be taken, the doctor and the patient will calculate the length of hospital stay together during the interview. You can review the hospitals that our clinic has contracted with in the about us section of our website.

Our clinic, which provides service with the best doctors in the sector, will also offer you the most affordable prices for the liposuction procedure, which is a type of plastic surgery. You can ask all the questions you are wondering about this operation, which will be priced according to the patient´s age, the amount of fat to be taken, the region, the details of skeletal and muscle diseases and some other details, via our email addresses on our contact page or by writing to our doctors via our WhatsApp numbers on our website.

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