Thickening due to the increase in subcutaneous fat tissue in certain parts of the body may cause deformity in the person. In such cases, liposuction is used as the safest method as soon as possible. Structurally or after weight loss, fat tissues are removed from fat areas that do not melt, even after weight loss, and thinning is achieved.?

In which areas can liposuction be performed?

Liposuction can be performed on almost all areas with subcutaneous fat tissue thickening. These; Liposuction can be performed on the jowl, arms, sides of the body, back of the body, waist, abdomen, inner thighs, knee area, upper genital area, breast in men, breast side.

Recently, a muscular appearance can be created by performing liposuction in men to imitate the six-pack muscle structure for the fat tissue in the abdomen. In women, shaping is done as two-pack.
Liposuction operation times
The times listed below vary from patient to patient and according to the technique applied, and are average times.
Jowl Liposuction: 10 minutes
Arm Liposuction: 15 minutes
Whole Abdominal Liposuction; 30 minutes
Trunk back and side Liposuction: 200 minutes
Upper genital area Liposuction: 10 minutes
Thigh Liposuction: 20 minutes
Knee Liposuction: 10 minutes

Who can liposuction be applied to?

It can be safely applied to anyone who is an adult and does not have a chronic disease that prevents surgery. The important thing here is. It can be safely applied to anyone who is of adult age and does not have a chronic disease that prevents surgery. The important thing here is that the patient´s body mass index should be suitable for this procedure. Although liposuction is originally a procedure for removing fat tissue, it is definitely not a weight loss method. The procedure to be done is to provide thinning in that area, to create the contour line and to make the body transitions aesthetically appropriate.

Which liposuction technique is the best?

Liposuction is basically the removal of fat tissue from the body. During this process, some tools are used to break up the fat and remove it from the body with less tramway.

With laser liposuction, the fat tissue is melted by laser and removed from the body in a more liquid form.
With the additional feature of the machine used, skin tightening can also be performed after degreasing. Tissues that cannot be broken down in classical liposuction or Vaser liposuction can be easily melted and removed by laser method.

The instrument used in Vaser Liposuction vibrates thousands of times per second, breaking up that oily area and protecting the vascular nerve structure, ensuring a safe operation.

Infrasonic Liposuction, the instrument used in this method, creates a greater vibration and allows the adipose tissue to be mechanically broken down and removed at the same time with the help of vacuum.
It is a safe liposuction method that shortens the operation time considerably.

J Plasma Liposuction

It is a technique for breaking up the fat tissue with a high-energy probe and removing the fat. Although it is used safely without causing any damage to the soft tissue and vascular neural network, its cost is higher than other methods.

Preoperative evaluation

Which areas will be liposuctioned and which technique is more suitable is determined by the pre-operative examination.

Is it possible to regain weight after liposuction?

There will not be any accumulation of fat in the same areas because the storage fat cells are also removed with liposuction, so fat storage does not occur in that area.

When will I recover after liposuction?

This period may vary depending on the number of regions of the applied process. If 1 or 2 areas of liposuction have been performed, you can return to your normal life after 3-4 days. Some pain may occur after liposuction, especially in the lateral and back region of the trunk, and this period may be prolonged.

What should I pay attention to after liposuction?

You should use the corsets given to you after the surgery for at least 4-6 weeks. The treatment areas should be massaged on a daily basis, and daily water consumption should not be less. Especially avoid alcohol and high-calorie foods.

How many liters of fat are removed with liposuction?

The purpose of liposuction is to remove the fat from the treated areas. Although the amount of fat differs in each patient, up to 10 liters of fat can be removed in a way that does not pose a life-threatening risk. The important thing here is to get the right amount, not the maximum amount.

Will there be skin sagging after liposuction?

Since the skin tension is high in young patients, sagging is rarely observed. Considering this situation in middle-aged women and women who have given birth, the amount of fat to be taken should be limited or stretching surgery should be considered in those areas.

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